Nicolas Cage in ‘211’ A film by York Alec Shackleton @YorkShackleton #movies

A film by York Alec Shackleton

Nicolas Cage starring in a film based on real events, might sound a bit odd, but remember he has done this before. In Oliver Stones World Trade Centre and also Oliver Stones Snowden, But in 211, this is a very different role for Nicolas Cage  who has spent the past many years playing…well playing Nicolas Cage. Well in 211 – which is police code for ‘robbery in progress’ Nic plays Mike Chandler, a veteran police office who is ready to finally enjoy his retirement and a well-deserved police pension. With his partner and son-in-law, rookie Steve( Dwayne Cameron)  at his side, and Kenny, a 15-year-old court-appointed ride-along (played by Michael Rainey Jr) reluctantly in tow, they set out on a routine patrol of the city’s streets. But the fact they have made a movie out of this story signals that there will be nothing routine about this patrol.

When the two officers and their passenger find themselves unprepared and outgunned when fate puts them squarely into the crosshairs of a daring bank heist in progress by a fearless team of highly trained and heavily armed men. For its lean 83 minute running time, the film isnt a slow film at all but does take its time for the plot involving Mike Chandler, Steve, and Kenny to take to the screen, with a set up of plot taking place in the Middle East before we even get to the Chesterford, USA. But once we get to the heist itself, the film keeps up its breakneck speed right until the credits. .

But is the film any good? Well quite simply, yes it is. The ensemble cast is great and works well together, so dont expect this to be purely a Nicolas Cage film where he is involved in every scene, he might well be the big name, but this film is a story populated by at least ten main characters who all have their part to play in the plot  The action set pieces are wonderfully done and look way beyond what Im sure the budget of the film was (not that the film looks low budget, but with this level of film, it wouldn’t have been a mega-budget) and whilst this film is more of a thriller/drama, there are enough action scenes to keep action film fans happy and giving the cinema surround a good old workout. Especially when it comes to the heist and ensuing gun battles which I havent seen such scale since Michael Mann’s Heat and Miami Vice.The heist is perfectly filmed  and tense to watch,especially when you think of this 15 year old passenger who ends up going along for whats meant to be a routine ride along, but finds himself being caught up in a bulletstorm.  So do check out 211 and you wont be disappointed.

Digital Download from 16th July  Available to buy on DVD 23rd July

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