Rebecca-Clare Evans ( @78bex ) and director Natalie Kennedy ( @nat_filmmaker ) team up and create the new production company, ‘Kenmor Films’ ( @kenmorfilms )

 Award winning producer Rebecca-Clare Evans and director Natalie Kennedy team up and create the new production company, ‘Kenmor Films’. Although Natalie and Rebecca have worked together on numerous productions, this will be the first as a company. Kenmor Films head into production this month on Natalie’s debut feature film, ‘Blank’, written by Stephen Herman.

‘Blank’ is a sci-fi film set slightly in the future with references to the past.  It is a character driven story that is a drama at its heart, with some elegant sci-fi elements.  It has interesting themes to be drawn upon, include disability and mental health issues.  It also looks at fears surrounding developing technology and how society is becoming more and more reliant on a digital, connected world, as well as our fascination and potential fear surrounding Artificial Intelligence


Blank will be filming in two phases, the first of which begins shooting at the end of May 2018 in Macclesfield,England and the second is scheduled in for the end of September shooting at Media City in Manchester as well as on location in Derbyshire. The first phase of the shoot is small in terms of the cast, and will feature ‘Annie Cusselle’ who played the role of Pip in the Academy award winning film ‘The Silent Child’.  Annie also won an award for Best Acting Ensemble at the Lift Off Film Festival, London and will be taking on a demanding role playing a 14-year-old girl who deals with the challenging mental health problems of her mother, played by Rebecca-Clare Evans.

There will me more announcements and cast member announcements  in the run up to the second phase of the shoot.

Blank is produced by the BIFA award winning Producer, Rebecca-Clare Evans, Executive Produced by Lyndon Baldock of the U.K.’s Templeheart, Co-produced by Natalie Kennedy, Director of Photography is by the award-winning James Oldham. Art Director Rhiannon Clifford. The Film is set to be edited by the experienced feature film Editor Andrew Mckee, Sound Design will be created by Andrew Layfield and Original Score by Robert John Baldwin. Camera Kit provided by ‘No Drama’, in Manchester.

Follow news on the film here:

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