Neil Johnson ( @morphiusfilm ) reunites with Tracey Birdsall ( @traceybirdsall1), Brooke Lewis,( @BrookeLewisLA ), and Marilyn Ghigliotti ( @thatclerksgirl ) for Evolution War #movies

Great News, and well not quite a birthday present for me (its tomorrow), then this news is most certainly an amazing pre-birthday gift for me to announce. One of my favourite filmmakers is reuniting with some of my favourite actors in the forth coming film Evolution War. The story broke on Scifi Now, one of the UK’s premier science fiction magazines (and in fact one of my favourite film magazines) Filmmaker Neil Johnson is reunited with Tracey Birdsall, but this we all knew, because The Time War and also At The Edge of Time is coming out? So this isnt news is it? Well No, that wasnt the point of me typing away like a mad typist, no the news is that before The Time War and At The Edge of Time comes out, Neil (and Tracey) have been super busy sneakily keeping secrets from me (I know right!!!!) and have just announced Evolution War which not only features Neil behind the film, and Tracey in front of the camera lens, but also reunited Neil with Brooke Lewis (Starship Rising) , Marilyn Ghigliotti,(Alien Armageddon) and Tony Gibbons (Rogue Warrior:Robot Fighter)  who have all worked with Neil in some of his previous works and brings Vishani Miller into the Neil Johnson film universe.

All that is known by myself (and Scifi Now) at present is hat Tracey will play the role of ‘Angel-D’ a hero of the great machine war who returns to Planet Earth and finds out that humanity is pretty much gone, because of a plague.

Im super excited about this news (the film, not the fact that the Earth was ravaged by a plague) and even better is that apparently the film is due out this Summer..Yep 2018 means another Neil Johnson film hits the screens!!!!

I think in years to come, I might forgive them for keeping this a secret from me, but it’ll be difficult (just kidding, girls and guys! I cant wait to hear more about the film)

Many thanks to the cast and crew of Evolution War for making the film, and to Scifi Now for breaking the story

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