30 Years of Rejected Disney Park Ideas From Dipp Disney by Geoffrey Golden ( @geoffreygolden ) #books

Dream It! Screw It! lovingly mocks the history of Disney theme parks. This art book parody tells the life story of Dipp Disney – Walt’s drunk, dumb cousin with a job for life at Imagineering – through dozens of his Disney attraction ideas rightfully rejected for being too impractical, violent, sexy, insane, or all of the above. Dream It! Screw It! ambitiously combines photos, scrapped plans, embarassing annectdotes, and concept art by award winning indie cartoonists to build an immersive farce. This is the third book from bestselling humor author and Disney Princess comics writer Geoffrey Golden.
Illustrations by Shing Yin Khor, Elan’ Trinidad, Reid Psaltis, and Marc Palm
In bookstores everywhere September 28
Reading event (with churros!) at WACKO on October 15
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“This book clearly shows why some people should never be Imagineers.”
Dana Snyder, comedian, co-host of Drunk on Disney
Also available on Amazon and DevastatorPress.com.
About The Author
GEOFFREY GOLDEN is the bestselling author ofFrankenstein’s Girlfriend, Snarkicide, and co-author ofGrosslumps. He also writes Sesame Street comics and (not a joke) Disney Princess comics. Geoffrey lives in West Hollywood, CA with partner Amanda and their cat Gilda. His favorite Disney attractions are Alien Encounter (closed), Journey Into Imagination (the old version), and Muppet*Vision 3D (doomed).

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