Check out Serial Kaller ( @serialkaller) if you love crazy movies

Many thanks to The Fan Carpet for asking me to review a film for them, a great bunch of people over there who love movies as much as I do. Check out their site and keep up to date with films from all over and all sizes.


Earlier this week I watched a great film, and The Fan Carpet asked me to review it for them. My thoughts on the movie are over on their site but I wanted to get the word out even more and share my review with you.

Serial Kaller.


Welcome to the world of ‘Serial Kaller’, written by Dan Brownlie and Dani Thompson, this is such a fun film, although I do fear that a lot of people may miss the charm of it by thinking it is trying to be a deadly serious entry into 21st Century horror films rather than a cheesy, fun-filled homage to 70’s/80’s slasher films. If you venture into the film believing the cast and crew had so much fun putting this project together in order to make Friday or Saturday night horror marathons much more fun for YOU, then you will enjoy the story so much more.


The plot is basic, but that’s part of the charm: the kills are reminiscent of many horror films from a decade or two earlier and that too is part of the charm and the low budget is, again, part of the charm. Horror films have always been one of the genres that seem to be more fun the lower the budget is and ‘Serial Kaller’ is no different, but low budget doesn’t mean that the effects are low budget – they look great and very splatter-driven.


Many times over the years I’ve wished I could live on a film set, and ‘Serial Kaller’ definitely looks like one of the most fun film sets. With a crazy, wonderful bunch of girls working on Babealicious, a TV station dealing with phone chats to girls, things get freaky when, one by one, people start to die in horrific ways. Whilst I don’t want to delve too much into the look, I will say that all the girls in this film are absolutely gorgeous and will most certainly put a smile on your face.

This is what most films should be: fun to watch and entertaining. Many of the cast I recognised from other films and the ones I didn’t I shall definitely be checking out some of their other work.


It’s always great to see Dani Thompson (Bad Moon Rising) on screen and to see some of her writing skills on show. Here’s hoping it’s something she carries on with, but doesn’t give up appearing on camera also. In the cast is the wonderful Debbie Rochon (Killer Rack), Jessica Ann Bonner-Brownlie ( Devils Tower), Suzi Lorraine (House of Manson), and Lucinda Rhodes (K Shop) to name a few.  It’s also a chuckle to see Shane Salter (Women in Black 2) whose scenes must have been a lot of fun to see, although I’m sure there were many takes when he needed to count to ten and relax.

If you like your horror to make you smile and entertain for 90 minutes then definitely check out this one.


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