The 13th begins to rev up

This is one of the projects I am helping out with in 2015.

The 13th.

For those of you thinking ‘Another war film’  Well yes its another war film but always remember, no matter how many war films are out there, there are always thousands of stories about war that have yet to be told or heard or written about.

The 13th is a film which focuses on the men of the Medium Machine Gun Platoon of the 13th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment during the build up to D-Day and their part in the action surrounding the village of Ranville on the 6th June 1944.


The 13th script has been written by Alex Birch who is also taking the directig reigns for the project.

With a cast featuring Mark Moraghan  (Allies, Brookside, Holby City)

Jamie Darlington (Virus Of Th Dead, Allies)

Geoff Cooper  (Get Gone)


Allistair McNab (Vendetta, Green Street 3)

and many more.

The film is one to keep an eye on.

Still in the early stages but what a way to kick off 2015.

I thought I would share the trailer here for you.

You can keep up to date with the project by heading over to their Facebook page HERE


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