White Settlers (2014)

When the film White Settlers first showed up on my ‘radar’  It was the middle of 2013 and as far as I recall, the film was being shot at the time.

Whilst I was already familar with the Grimmfest crew, It was the casting of Pollyanna McIntosh that drew my attention. Pollyanna had taken the title role of one of the best films that I have seen in recent years (The Woman) and since seeing her insanely brilliant performance in that film, I had followed her career after (and also worked my way through films she had appeared in before the 2011 freaky film by Lucky McKee)

white settlers

Earlier today, I finally got around to sitting down and popping the DVD of White Settlers into the machine.

Wow!  That should be my single word review for the film.

White Settlers didnt let me down (I never thought it would) Its every bit as good as I thought it would be and hoped it would be.

So, what is White Settlers about?

Well its about new beginnings in new locations.


Husband Ed (Lee Williams from ‘Hotel Babylon and New Street Law) and Wife Sarah (Pollyanna McIntosh from Exam and  The Woman) buy a lovely located Scottish farmhouse for a knockdown price and are spending their first night there. After a mishap with DIY plug wiring, the house is plunged into darkness for the evening. But as the night carries on and strange noises are heard, Sarah starts to get unnerved and suspects that they’re not alone, Ed goes to investigate and quickly, the evening becomes a nightmare. Patience is strained and things go pear shaped.


Director Simeon Halligan has done a fantastic job on White Settlers. The film is not only beautifully shot but is also wonderfully paced and even scenes that feature nothing more than conversations between Ed and Sarah are still captivating to watch. The casting is wonderful for White Settlers with the chemistry between Lee and Pollyanna working to perfection. Especially a scene involving a blindfold and a forest make you forget that you are watching a thriller for a moment or three. It must have been such a fun shooting schedule.


Whilst watching the film, I pondered my easy sell for others. White Settlers is what I would call a home invasion film and those freak me the hell out. There is nothing in this film that is far fetched, theres it no demonic monsters, no ghosts. There are just really distrubed human beings and we know those exist.

White Settlers is definately a film I will be recommending to those who love thrillers and who love good films with a totally believable plot.

You can also check out this interview with Actress Pollyanna McIntosh


Watch the film with the lights down, But please. Lock your doors before you watch White Settlers.

White Settlers is available now on DVD from all good retailers for also online at sites such as Amazon


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