Gold starring @Maisie_Williams is indeed Gold

Sunday morning, up bright and early and using the time wisely to catch up on a few films that I have missed over the past few weeks and months.

The first film this morning was Gold. That is the title of the filmand that is what the film is. Pure gold.


Whilst the film does have a cast of several main characters. Gold belongs to Maisie Williams, who for most is best known for her role in the HBO show Game Of Thrones, as Arya Stark but is Abbie in Gold. When we first meet Abbie at the start of the film, she is totally focussed on her running ambitions for the most, although the opening of the film involving a large rubbish bin sets up the charm of this film perfectly. All will not be focused in Abbies world. Spanners are thrown into the works when her biological father (played by David Wilmot) turns up after a twelve year absence and ends up staying on the sofa of the famly home of Abbie, and her step father (played by James Nesbitt) Frank, who insanely enough used to be the PE teacher when Ray was at school with Abbies Mother Alice (played by Kerry Condon)


Gold works perfectly on so many levels. offbeat comedy, family drama, emotional drama to name the main three that struck me.Perfectly cast, perfectly everything really. Even the pan pipe music playing in the background of one particular car scene managed to fit in perfectly.

Id be hard pushed to fit Gold into a specific genre and whilst the IMDB describes the film as an offbeat comedy. There is that element to it but there is so much more to this gem. Excellent work by all the cast.


If you want a fun film that will make you think, make you feel and perhaps make a lump appear in your throat. Check out Gold. Im so glad that I have finally gotten around to watching the film, but now it means that whatever film i watch next. It has a hell of a lot to live up to.

Gold is out  now on DVD

Directed by Niall Heery


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