My #ff would be this guy, let me tell you more about @steelmillpaul

So who is @steelmillpaul . Some people have strange Twitter names, take mine for example which is @frompage2screen and came from an idea Annette & I came up with about starting up a book shop that also catered to film fans. One thing led to another and this wonderful blogging and podcasting world is where I find myself. I love it.

So @SteelMillPaul is in fact Mr Paul Andrew Williams.


Film Director. Writer , and for me personally one of the best filmmakers currently working in the UK at the moment. His 2006 film London to Brighton is still up there for me as one of the best British films that I have ever seen and this is 6 years after I first watched it.  Brutal, tough, grim, but with some brilliant character acting and written scenes that I have seen.

This was the first Paul Andrew Williams film that I ever saw and since then whenever I have seen his name, ive chased down his projects and watched them.

London to Brighton


Today as I type this ‘article’, Pauls latest film is hitting cinemas today on a nationwide release.

Song for Marion.


Pauls other films include Cherry Tree Lane, which was released in 2010 and for me does sit in the same category as London to Brighton for its toughness and darkness. Whilst I still prefer London to Brighton, this in no way takes away any of the praise id stick on Cherry Tree Lane. Cherry Tree also have one of the best teaser trailers that I have seen for decades.

Cherry Tree Lane

A film about a house invasion.



So there you have it. My first #Ff (follow friday) goes out to Paul Andrew Williams whos creativeness and passion about film making really does shine out in the projects he has done.

I know that his latest film Song for Marion will be his biggest success as I hear so much buzz about that film, far more than most of the smaller films that are around at the minute.

Many thanks to Paul for his work and everyone who works with him. Ill save those names for other follow friday.






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