Highly Underrated Actor

Sitting here watching the 2001 film Mean Machine (based on the 70s Burt Reynolds film) An actor popped up in a role (as they often do in films) I have seen this guy so many times over the years in TV & film roles, ranging from Batman Begins to Channel 4’s Brookside.

I know his face but didnt know his name. I thought id change that so I did some research.

Stephen Walters.

stephen walters

Here is the information from his Wikipedia page.

In 1996, Walters appeared as Hillsborough victim Ian Glover in a television film about the disaster which took place seven years earlier.


He also appeared in episode 3 of Band of Brothers

In 2007 Walters played a supporting role in the UK drama Skins – he appeared in three episodes of the first series as paranoid drug dealer Madison (Mad) Twatter.

In 2012 Walters appeared  in the BBC dramas Accused and Good Cop. In 2013 he starred in the ITV1 comedy drama series Great Night Out as Daz.

Check out the other films that Stephen Walters has appeared in.

Mike Bassett:England Manager.

The 51st State.

Mean Machine.

Layer Cake

Batman Begins


Hannibal Rising.

Age of Heroes


Its crazy that this guys name isnt known more. His face is most definitely one youll think  ‘ive seen this guy in something before’

Noone plays ‘crazy’ like Stephen Walters.

51st state

band of brothers


Stephen Walters IMDB Page http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0910373/



3 thoughts on “Highly Underrated Actor

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  2. I liked him in Layer Cake. I just saw Formula 51(I’m watching it for the first time in 2017) and thought it was the same guy. So I searched and ended up here. Yes, he is a great actor. I will look for him in his other movies.


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