British Spotlight Articles. Who to begin with? It has to be @MrDDyer a.k.a Danny Dyer

I own a guitar (cant play it).

I could also raise enough money to rent out a ‘hall’ somewhere and persuade people to show up .

That’s where that would end, people would quickly realise I cant play and there ends my career as a guitar playing showman (I’d like to add that I dont want to be a musician and I really dont know why there’s a guitar in my house) This story was here to prove a point.

The Point is?

If you aren’t any good at something, people quickly realise it and you wont be doing it for very long.

Which brings me to the very first ‘talent’ that will have a single article devoted to them and their career.

This is something I have been pondering for several weeks and today it begins (well actually last night it begun when I asked for a little assistance)

So who is the first article going to focus on? Well I’ve known (about) this man for many years, and a lot of other people know about him. So when I say his name you’ll probably end up thinking one of three things. (1) WOW. Good Choice. (2) Oh No, why? or choice number (3) I’m kinda familiar with the name but not that much.

Just to stereotype  I have heard that a lot of people from the USA will opt for option 3 whereas people from the UK will go for (1), or (2) (I go for Option (1)

Let me introduce to you. Mr Danny Dyer.


Ive left a pause whilst you speak your Option answer out…

Are we done, then Ill carry on.

If you remember my guitar story from the start then my point is that Danny has had an acting career in four decades. So lets do some math stats.

Born in 1977, in London, Danny appeared on our screens for the first time in 1989 (an uncredited role in a show called Childrens Ward) but his first main role was with Dame Helen Mirren in 1993s Prime Suspect at the age of 16.

Since the age of 16 and up til now according to his Internet Movie Database page, Danny has appeared in 64 more projects.


1993-2012 64 Projects.  That my friends and readers is what they call a ‘hard working actor’ and anyone appearing in that many projects does one of two things. They either (a) fund all their own projects, thus being able to do what the hell they want, or (b) work very hard, have an audience, and also have the backing of the film production companies (or stage companies for that matter)

I think its option (b). dont you?

Danny has come under a lot of flack over the years (and possibly still now) by people who dont really get what he does.

Let me explain.

Im not a fan of Jim Carrey. never have been, (other than The Truman Show) so I dont tend to watch Jim Carrey films. To me he always plays the same sort of  role, you know the goofy crazy, hyper one. So those type of Jim Carry films I dont tend to watch. They aren’t bad films and hes not terrible in them. Those sort of roles he plays just aren’t to my taste, so I stay away. I dont hate Jim, hes just not to my taste. Plenty of other films and actors out there. If you dont like someone, dont spend time attacking them. Just calmly move on


But in reading up on Danny Dyer for this article, these are the main statements which cropped up a few times from people who haven’t grasped that relaxed concept.

‘He always plays the same role’

Answer ” He doesn’t, and I will move onto that later on”

“He just plays himself”

Answer ” See answer from above”

“His films are not good”

Answer “his films? not the directors films or the producers films or the writers film? But Danny s films?

Those are the three main culprit statements that haunt Mr Dyer, and those three points shouldn’t haunt him at all because they are all invalid and shouldn’t even merit an answer.

But for the sake of this article I’m going to write some thoughts about them.

He plays the same role in his films.

Answer. Twaddle. There are several films in which he does play a similar role (noone seems to moan about Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise or pretty much every other actor out there for doing that though *shrug*)

Lets take films like The Business & The Football Factory out of the equation, he does indeed play a similar role in those two films.

Now lets fill those two spaces with the following films.

Deviation. Written and Directed by JK Amalou, Danny plays Frankie who escapes from Broodmoor Psychiatric Hospital and takes a hostage . There are no cocky Danny lines in this film. This is a new Danny that we are seeing in this feature film which is pretty much a two hander by Danny Dyer & Anna Walton.


You want to see a non-Cockney geezer role from Danny, you need to check out Deviation.

Want another one?

This is a film I re-watched today in preparation for this writing exercise. Just as harsh on its second viewing as it was when I first watched it a couple of years ago.


You want the most non-Danny as cockney geezer role. This is it.

Brutal, serious and the on screen teaming of what initially might seem strange Gillian ‘Scully’ Anderson & Mr Danny Dyer might seem like a strange paring but it really works in this revenge thriller which will have you hiding behind a pillow in some sequences. Danny takes the back seat for the majority of this film as he supports Alice (Gillian Anderson) in their joint efforts to hunt down the men who raped Alice and beat Adam (Danny Dyer) to within an inch of his life.


Those two films alone show the total opposite of the cocky cheeky chappy Danny that we have seen in films like The Business & Human Traffic.


Chucking in a third film for your viewing pleasure is most definitely one of my favourite films.

The wonderful Severance from 2005 which follows a group on a team building exercise and their encounters with a bunch of crazy people intent on dividing people up with the use of some very nasty weapons..


Now I could go on for pages about each individual film that stars or co-stars Danny Dyer, but do I need to?

Do I need to bang on about how I have at least a dozen of this guys films in my DVD collection or that each time a new film comes out I will check it out (dont get me wrong, there are some films he has appeared in that I dont like – but that’s not his acting, its just the film (remember my Jim Carrey comparison)

Do I need to point out that a lot of the criticism that’s directed to him is because you dont like the fact he speaks his mind. Id much rather have someone speak their mind than be all political with the movie chatter.

I checked out some of the special features on his films earlier this week and one thing comes across. Either the cast and crew of the majority of his films really think the world of the guy and love to have a laugh and a giggle with him. Or…they are all lying.  I think for former. I’ve seen the footage myself, I’ve heard the banter that goes on within the DVD commentaries of his films. For some of the funniest chat tracks ever. Check out the DVDs of

Outlaw, Severance, The Football Factory, Straightheads &The Business.

So as you can tell. I’m a fan of Danny Dyer (and have been since I think – 2004 when I first saw The Football Factory and ever since that day.

For those who you who aren’t a fan. There’s nothing in here that will change your mind. But perhaps checking out some of the links or at least putting your faith in me (a little) might make you seek out the films I’ve recommended, and perhaps you’ll change your thoughts (a bit)

For those who love him, just keep doing that, but tell him that. You can find the dude on twitter at @MrDDyer

But for those of you who aren’t that familiar with one of the most high profile British Actors of today, check out the links in this article. Check out the films on his IMDB page or if you have Netflix or Lovefilm. Stick a search in for ‘Danny Dyer’ and press play.

Some people think that Danny Dyer is good.

Some people think that Danny Dyer isnt.

You know what I think.

Danny is a bloody hard working actor, who works hard to support his family. A man whose biggest crime might be to take roles that the public might not want him to take. How is that a crime? The public makes their choices. Actors make theirs. Films get made, films dont and so forth. Danny works within the entertainment industry and he certainly is entertaining.

This month I have watched around 20 UK films, at least 6 of those were starring (or co-starring) Danny Dyer. Not once did I think ‘oh..not again’ I think the guys great.

So this article has gone on far longer than initially planned, I’ve shared my thoughts about @MrDDyer. Perhaps its time to hand the keyboard over to two other people who want to share their thoughts on him. I contacted them by email last night asking them to put into writing what they think about Danny. So here are their replies.

First up is. Vicky Rayment who describes herself as

“Die hard Danny Dyer Fan”

What can I say about Danny Dyer? Well he is a absolute legend such  a nice guy and a real family man he get so much bad press that is so undeserved and untrue,

I’ve been a big fan for a while now the first time I saw him on my screen I didn’t really know who he was I was watching is harry on the boat and this Cockney geezer showed up and I thought to myself mmm mmm mmm this guy is hot!!! But still didn’t really know who he was it wasn’t until 2004 when The football factory came out I saw him again on my screen I didn’t make the connection that this was the same guy that I had seen but I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen the film was fantastic and loved every minute of it!

It wasn’t till I saw the Business that I fell in love with this guy and got myself a little crush and slight obsession with him.

Danny can turn his hand to any roll that he plays as much as I love the tough guy gangster he plays in a few of his film I love the different roles that he plays like in Straightheads, Malice in wonderland and age of hero’s, that first comedy roll I saw Danny in was The other half and I absolutely loved it couldn’t stop laughing it was brilliant and I’m so looking forward to seeing him another comedy role in Run for your Wife!

I have only met Danny Once that was last year I was so nervous but when I got there he was so lovely, genuine and just made you feel at ease I couldn’t believe I was actually stood next to him having my picture taken that picture takes pride of place much to my other half’s dislike Don’t get me wrong he loves Danny too loves his films and is a fan just not as much as me! Ha-ha!

When a friend of mine met him at a charity football match she called me and put him on the phone to me again I could not believe I was taking to “DANNY DYER” I had to put him on Loud speaker so the boyfriend could hear and I had proof as no one would have believed me! I was shaking and so over whelmed my heart was pounding for what felt like an hour afterwards.

I don’t get these Twitter Trolls and why they are so horrible and nasty all Danny is trying to do is make a decent life for himself and his family. We as fans all get that not everyone likes or loves him but WHY be so damn horrible and crude. He is just a normal guy with feelings too!! Danny’s responses to the trolls are propa class though and make me giggle every time.

 What can I say about Danny Dyer?? Well he is a legend such a nice guy and a real family man Simples!

I Love this man!!!!

and finally we have . Linda Holmes who says.

I am a Danny Dyer fan because I enjoy the work he does. Most people know him through his gangster roles but people don’t realise Danny has starred in several plays by Harold Pinter and Sid and Kurt which I saw. 

 Danny has excellent comedy timing which he showed in several of his films such as Severance, The All Together and The Mean Machine.  He has been in several TV programmes including Casualty, Prime Suspect, Cadfel, Touch of Frost and Soldier Soldier to name a few. He has currently made 36 films including his latest Run for Your Wife which again showed his comic timing.  He can also show a sensitive side which he did in Borstal Boy in  which he played sensitively portrayed a gay sailor in a Youth Offenders Institution.

 He has also presented documentaries on hard men in the United Kingdom and Football Hooligans but unfortunately people believe this to be his main work and a realistic portal of what he is like in real life.  He has been in the business since he was a teenage and has done well to be in working in such a tough industry. He made a mistake in jokingly telling a journalist for a lads magazine an answer to a reader’s question who then printed and this has hurt Danny badly. Anyone who knows him will tell you he loves his 2 daughters and wife Jo very much and would never hurt women in this way. 

 He is very down to earth and has a self depreciating sense of humour, i have been lucky enough to have met him several times and he always tries to make times for his fans.  His language may be colourful but he is honest and doesn’t hide behind a PR Public image unlike a lot of people in the public eye.  He is very humble and admits to his short comings.

 This is why I am a Danny Dyer fan and love him. I have also met some lovely people thanks to Danny know as #dannysmob and hope to stay in touch with them too.

So there you have it. an overview of a man who has worked on more films than I have ever worked on, chances are more films than you have ever worked on and who is working harder than most people I know.  Doing what he does, and for the most. Doing a bloody good job at it.

As I type this, Pre-Production is underway for Vendetta. Starring Danny Dyer,Josef Altin, Steven Berkoff, Charlie Bond and Nick Nevern. All names that I am familiar with in a film that is due out later in the year. For more on that film. Check out


Danny Dyer has been around for many years, I hope it stays that way. He has his followers, he has his fans and he has his detractors. I am very happy to be a fan.  He works hard and for that I thank him. What would he think of this article. Who knows. Chances are he is working hard, and too busy to scour over the mountains that are written about him, but I like to think he’d be cool with my thoughts and opinions.


Id like to thank VickyRayment, Linda Holmes, and Blandine Etienne for their assistance in putting this article together.

For feedback. You are more than welcome to email me at

The next article will focus on a different film talent. Next time. We will shine the light on a man who has produced, written and directed.

Who is he? Find out next time.

A final note for those who may attack me for gushing or fawning at the feet of the subjects of these articles. That’s the point. I am not writing these to attack the film makers that I focus on. I am writing them to showcase them and put their names in your minds once more. They all deserve it.

Added Note:

Since writing this article, which was wonderfully received and appreciated by many people, I sent off for the autobiography Straight Up: By Danny Dyer.


As I finish off a Kevin Smith book I am reading, Dannys book will leap to the next in my list to check out. I did read a book based on tons of interviews given over the years but that wasnt written by Mr D. Id much rather read the words that come from the man himself and am very much looking forward to learning more about him and his films.

Just thought Id add this section to the end of what has been a wonderful article to write.

12 thoughts on “British Spotlight Articles. Who to begin with? It has to be @MrDDyer a.k.a Danny Dyer

  1. Haven’t seen many of Danny’s films but i think that The Business came close to being a very very good movie (bar the final 15 minutes or so). Ok it’s a “gangsta” flick, but so what – you can’t dismiss a genre that produced The Long Good Friday or The Hit (&what about The Godfather etc). You don’t mention Mark Kermode in your piece & i think that’s remiss. Kermode continues to slate Dyer at any opportunity, it’s clear that he has a personal dislike for him and he is beginning to make himself look a fool.Ok he’s seen The Exorcist a thousand times and written a (rather insipid) book on it – but for an established critic to censure someone so regularly and in such a juvenile manner it must be galling for Dyer who, as you say, is working hard and attempting to provide for a family. I don’t completely trust Kermode’s taste in film but many do ,and this could be keeping many movie fans from forming an objective opinion for themselves.


    • I opted to leave out Mark Kermode as that once reviewer, now hack gets too much airtime when it comes to his rants. I used to be a fan of MK as most films fans were, but quickly went off him when his shows turned into attempted comedy shows where he has a short list of people and film franchises that he hates even before he sees a frame.
      As I like to say. Be a film fan first..its always more fun that way


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