Gerry Hambling, UK Film Editor of 14 Alan Parker films, passes away at 86

Last night whilst watching the BAFTA ceremony on television, I was overjoyed to see Sir Alan Parker receiving the fellowship award. Ive known the name of Alan Parker for years, and known his films since the early 80s when I became aware of Midnight Express.

It was a joyous evening and his speech was light hearted and fun. It made me want to dig out my Midnight Express DVD and rewatch it, as I havent seen it for a few years.

It was with sadness this evening then, only 22 hours after seeing Alan Parker chatting about his films that I read this story in the news

Gerry Hambling, the British film editor whose credits include “Midnight Express,” “Pink Floyd: The Wall” and “Mississippi Burning,” died Feb. 5 in England. He was 86.

Gerry , who entered the film industry at 16 as an editor’s apprentice, was a longtime collaborator of director Alan Parker, editing 14 of his films.

“He was undoubtedly one of the finest film editors that the British film industry has produced,” Alan Parker remembered.

John Grover, vice chairman of the Guild of British Film Editors, which Hambling helped found in 1966, remembered Gerry  as a man of “warmth and understanding.”

“He was a hard working technician who loved loud music and fast action sequences; he was rather hard on equipment but never got used to editing electronically as he preferred to handle film, something he could ‘see and feel,'” Grover said. “He will be missed by friends and colleagues for his warmth and understanding. It was an honor to have known him.”

Gerry Hambling won three BAFTA Awards, and received the Career Achievement Award from the  American Cinema Editors in 1998. He had also been nominated for six Oscars.

His last editing job was on the 2003 Parker drama “The Life of David Gale,” starring Kate Winslet and Kevin Spacey.

Gerry Hambling

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