Director Simeon Halligan’s Emile Hirsch starring psychological thriller ‘Past Life’ welcomes Suzy Eddie Izzard, Antonia Thomas and John Hannah to the cast.

From the director of 2014’s White Settles and 2017’s Habit (and Grimmfest head) Simeon Halligan comes ‘Past Life’, a psychological thriller written by Dean Lines (The Hatton Garden Job) and Ray Bogdanovich (Hounded) which has now added Suzy Eddie Izzard (Oceans Thirteen) , Antonia Thomas (The Good Doctor) and John Hannah ( The Mummy) to the cast list alongside Emile Hirsh (Into The Wild, Killer Joe) and Tommy Steele (Life Bloodz) 

‘Past Life’ tells the story of Jason (played by Emile Hirsch), who attends a hypnotism event with his wife Claire (played by Antonia Thomas) and when Jason goes under hypnosis he sees a brutal murder but through the eyes of the killer and finds himself haunted by what he has seen, Jason then delves into using past live regression techniques and finds himself investigating a set of unsolved murders from the 1980s.

I’d heard a little bit about the premise of “Past Life when i attended a couple of Grimmfest events in 2022 and It does sound fascinating and I’m very excited to know its moved a stage closer to me being able to watch the film (not sure on any release yet of course but hey, I love great movies and this one does sound like its in my wheel house)  I love a good psychological thriller

“Past Life combines the rush of ’80s thrillers like DePalma’s Blow Out, with the conceptual complexity of movies like Nolan’s Memento. I can’t wait to share this twisty-turny mind-bender with audiences,” Simeon said.   (and I love Blow Out- cracker of a film)

Producer Rachel Richardson-Jones told Deadline “We are so excited that Eddie, Antonia, and John will be joining us for Past Life. It’s a testament to the quality of the screenplay and our casting director, Sarah Leung’s hard work, that such wonderful acting talent are drawn to the piece, and we know their involvement will make Past Life something very special.”   You can read the full Deadline article HERE

Very much looking to more updates about “Past Life’ as they come out.

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