Spending Time With Jade Asha, writer and star of new romcom film Ghosted (Directed by Daniel Pacquette ) ( @jadeasha )


Writer, producer & actress Jade Asha’s new film, GHOSTED is a highly anticipated, topical romantic comedy directed by Daniel Pacquette.  The film has already garnered 12 awards, including the Hollywood Gold Award for Best Indie Feature, the New York Movie Awards for Indie Feature Silver Award, the Cinematic European Film Festival award for Best Actress and the Anatolian Film Awards for Best Actress and Best Comedy.  

Ghosted arrives on Demand in the US May 3rd.

Ghosted embraces the much-loved values of a traditional romantic comedy but with a relatable modern-day twist and is based on true events. I caught up  virtually with Jade for a quick chat. 

As a big rom-com fan, did you feel vulnerable putting a film out inspired by your own personal experiences?

Not at all. I think everyone assumes all of my energy went into the lead character that I play Mercy- acting wise it did but writing wise, there are 28 other characters in the film and each one of them has a piece of me in them too. I probably connect more with Mercy’s sister Kendra (played by Tara Hoyos-Martinz) or Tessa (played by Rosie Jane). I’m sure that the writer of Bridget Jones drew from a lot of her personal experiences too, the only difference is she didn’t play her. Luckily once the script is printed I can now separate myself from being the writer and approach the role as just an actor with fresh eyes.

The first Bridget Jones film came out in 2001 – do you feel Ghosted tells the true & relatable story of dating in 2023?

I do, and that’s the reason why I wanted to write this story. I feel that more than ever dating apps are more a distraction. Most of the time people seem to use them to get over someone, to take revenge on an ex, if life is boring then it’s a way of spicing life up. Or maybe the user is looking for something too specific, looking at what they can get out of a relationship than what the two people can share. That’s why there are so many dating disasters, it’s all too much pressure. That is what we really look at in GHOSTED.

Do you have any ‘props or keepsakes from any of your films or shows?

I do actually! The clapper board is my pride and joy. I made sure that I got that. It’s a beautiful reminder of what we achieved. I also have most of Mercy’s costume still and all of the polaroids that we used in the film.

As a writer, producer and actress (and author!) – do you ever switch off, and what does that look like for you?

It’s true that I can be extremely active and can work from 7am- midnight when I am deep into a project. But I love it and it truly doesn’t feel like work. But I am also a big fan of “me time”. I love a relaxing day with a long bath, laze around the house and watch a film or tv series, eating good food. It’s not happened recently but I love travelling and weekends away or meals out. After many years of “working hard” I have definitely mastered “working smart”.

If you had to make a ‘bucket list’ of people you’d love to work with, tell me a name who would be on it and why?

There are so many but Quentin Tarantino because his work is so daring and unique. I love his sense of humour. Steven Spielberg because his films fulfil your wildest childhood dreams. Viola Davis because she holds such power in her emotions. Jordan Peel because I love horrors and he approaches them from such an exciting and thought-provoking angle.

Thank you Jade

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