Manchester’s newest indie cinema CULTPLEX on Sunday 23rd April presents a marathon of Limmy’s Show, the cult sitcom created by internet sensation and Scottish comedy icon Limmy ( @CPXMCR )

Manchester’s newest indie cinema CULTPLEX presents a marathon of Limmy’s Show, the cult sitcom created by internet sensation and Scottish comedy icon Limmy

Following a very successful run of bringing classic television to the big screen, Manchester cinema CULTPLEX presents a marathon of the surreal Scottish comedy Limmy’s Show. The cinema will screen the first two series of the Scottish BAFTA Award winning show, which will take place over a long afternoon on Sunday 23 rd April.

In the past year, CULTPLEX have enjoyed many full houses for a programme packed with iconic television series, including titles such as Chris Morris’ controversial satire Brass Eye, cult Channel 4 series Garth Margenghi’s Darkplace (taking place just before a tour with its namesake sold out venues 5x bigger than the cinema), a day celebrating the genius of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks along with A Lovely Time’s regular sell-out Simpsons quiz ‘Down with Homework’. Limmy’s Show was released in 2010, based around its creator Brian ‘Limmy’ Limond’s previous creations in live comedy and podcasting. The sketch comedy follows an eclectic ensemble of characters throughout the series (all portrayed by Limmy himself) such as ex-drug addict Jacqueline McCafferty, genius thinker/stoner Dee Dee, adventure game phone-in host Falconhoof and many more iconic roles in additional to some life-changing comedic insights from Limmy on life itself.

Since Limmy’s Show aired, Limmy has gone on to be an international internet sensation, first creating waves on the now deceased social media platform Vine, and has since built huge audiences on Twitter, YouTube and predominantly with becoming a Twitch streamer which opened up a new generation of audiences to his surreal Scottish humour. In 2018 Limmy revisited the sketch format with Limmy’s Homemade Show, a version of Limmy’s Show which was produced, performed,
directed, filmed, and edited solely by Limmy in his house. CULTPLEX are very excited about bringing this modern masterpiece of Scottish comedy to their
audiences, Greg Walker (Cinema Producer) says ‘From previous events we know that the communal experience of watching TV, particularly comedy, with an audience is something very special. Most TV is watched at home, alone; so, these kind of events bring audiences together to celebrate the shows they love and it’s always magic. We can’t wait to have a packed room of Limmy fans, laughing the roof off!’.

The full first two series will be screened at CULTPLEX on Sunday 23 rd April, and doors will open at 13:00 for a 13:30 start. Full marathon tickets can be bought from the CULTPLEX website. To find out more:

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