Starring Chris Bell and Rachel Warren. Ripper’s Revenge out now on DVD, courtesy of High Fliers. ( @HighFliersFilms )

One year on from the notorious “Jack The Ripper” murders, the Ripper killings have stopped, and the identity of the killer remains a complete mystery.  Newspaper reporter Sebastian Stubb (played by Chris Bell)  has moved on to reporting on other scandals, but when a new “Ripper” letter appears on Sebastian ‘s desk and the killings start again, he finds himself at the center of a new mystery. Has the “Ripper” returned, or is it a copycat killer? Or something else entirely?

I wasn’t sure what to expect when heading into Rippers Revenge, yes of course I knew it was going to be a Jack The Ripper themed movie, but I also knew that the film was a mega budget Hollywood epic. My expectations weren’t high, they weren’t low, they were kinda neutral really as I do like them to be with a lot of films. I have seen quite a few Ripper themed films and tv series over the years (my favourite being the Michael Caine starring Jack the Ripper two part series from 1988- if you haven’t seen that, I highly recommend it) and so I wondered what new things Ripper’s Revenge would show me when the story unfolded in its 85 minute running time.

What Writer/Director Steven Lawson has crafted (along with the rest of the cast and crew of course) is a gem of a film.  What could easily have been yet another low budget  cash in film about a serial killer is actually a beautiful looking film that id definitely recommend.  As soon as the film starts (with a scene featuring Ayvianna Snow) I was super impressed with the look of the film with its beautiful classic feel to the cinematography( by Jon O’Neill) The film feels like it could have been shot years ago, and I mean that in a good way. There’s nothing worse than a period set film that uses 21st century techniques for its editing (at least, that’s my opinion) and Rippers Revenge doesn’t fall into that hole. so thumbs up from me for that!   

There was so much I enjoyed in Rippers Revenge. I have of course mentioned already how much I enjoyed the films look, and I think that any scenes featuring Chris Bell and Rachel Warren (who plays Iris) together are great and id happily have watched a full film featuring those two going about their daily lives.Ive seen Chris Bell in a few films over the years and not to say anything against his previous films, I do think that his work in Rippers Revenge is my favourite so far.  On screen chemistry is always good to see especially when its also including really interesting dialogue.   One thing that I didn’t realise until after I had finished watching Rippers Revenge, is that this film is a follow up to the 2021 film Ripper Untold which also features Chris Bell as Sebastian Stubb, and was also written and directed by Steve Lawson. Its a film that I haven’t seen and yet even with that fact, this didn’t cause any issues for me when watching Rippers Revenge which works perfectly fine as a standalone film and doesn’t reply on the viewer having seen the previous film..

And so  if you want a well made film, featuring a good cast, with a well written story and looks pretty damn cool. Then I would recommend Rippers Revenge (whether youve seen Ripper Untold, or not)

Ripper’s Revenge is out now on DVD, courtesy of High Fliers.

Written and Directed by Steve Lawson

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