Shows That I loved: Gerry Anderson’s Space 1999 (1975-1977)

As id mentioned in an earlier article about the film Xtro (which you can find here ) Ive been on a nostalgia journey of late (well I say ‘late’ I mean years) and have been thinking back to the films and shows that i remember but hadnt seen. Of course Ive also been thinking about the films and shows that I have seen but havent seen or reseen since I was a kid. One of those is Space 1999, a two season show which ran from 1975-1977 (which means I was 4 years old when it started and 6 when it finished) and so Id have to say that I saw these on reruns as even my memory isnt that good. But I do remember loving this show. So whether I did in fact watch it when I was 4-6 years old or on reruns. It doesnt lessen how cool I thought Space 1999 was, 

In the opening episode, (and also if I recall in the intro that was on every episodes credits) the moon is knocked out of orbit and it, as well as the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, hurtling uncontrollably into space to have some amazing adventures over the next 48 episodes. 

The main stars of Space: 1999 other than the space effects and very cool Eagle spacecraft were  Martin Landau, Barbara Bain,Barry Mors, Catherine Schell (as the alien Maya in the second series and who quickly became my favourite character in the show).  I did browse the Wiki page for the show and learned that  over its two series, the programme had quite a few guest appearances which include Christopher Lee, Margaret Leighton, Joan Collins, Jeremy Kemp, Peter Cushing, Judy Geeson, Julian Glover, Ian McShane , Billie Whitelaw, Richard Johnson, Patrick Troughton, Peter Bowles, Sarah Douglas, David Prowse, Isla Blair,  Peter Duncan and Brian Blessed.. Names which I do of course know  now, but may not have known yet as my film and television education was just beginning. but I may go back and rewatch this show in the near future to revisit my childhood.  Whilst I do remember the characters of the show, and the Eagle spacecraft and of course Moonbase Alpha. I dont recall to much about the storylines themselves, but in the same way Moonbase Alpha was blasted off into the depths of space in the show, I think revising the show would blast me off down memory lane.


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