Three Day Millionaire, by Jack Spring ( @JackSpringFilm ). Take a trip to Grimsby with Codge, Budgie (and Budgies Mum) ( @ThreeDayFilm )

Starting off with a bit of a ‘Lock Stock/ Snatch’ type feel to it (breaking the fourth wall and talking to the camera lens) which to be honest wasnt the sort of film I was in the mood for, Three Day Millionaire quickly slid into a much more enjoyable film for me as we are introduced to a great bunch of characters all living in the town of Grimsby and trying to make a living in the  fishing dominated town in Lincolnshire, England.  Introducing us to the cast of the film is Codge (played by Michael Kinsey ) who has explains to the audience what a ‘Three Day Millionaire’ is, and why its important to not just himself, but also the rest of the town.    When a business deal involving Mr Barr (played by the always wonderful Colm Meaney) threatens to damage the towns economy and livelihood of the majority of its population. Codge, and the gang are approached to become involved in a plot to not only secure their own future but also to put on over on the greedy Mr Barr.

Three Day Millionaire is a gem of a film, not so much the Guy Ritchie-ish film that I thought it was going to be, it felt more like some of my favourite British films from the 90s such as Brassed Off, The Full Monty and Saving Grace. All films which can be viewed as a dark comedy, but also work just as well as a social drama which takes us into the experiences of a town or city that we may not know too much about.   The cast are all on top form and you will always in this type of film end up with your favourites (Mine were Budgie played by Sam Glen who played a really likable guy, and also Queenie played by Grace Long), I know that Three Day Millionaire isnt the sort of film to get spin off’s or sequels, but I would happily watch another film that let know more about this twosome.  Colm Meaney (as Mr Barr) is always great to see on screen and has some fantastic bedroom scenes 9with Budgies Mum) that will make you both laugh our loud and cringe when watching them.  I also have to mention not just writer Paul Stephenson who came from a shipbuilding background before coming a writer,and has made his feature film debut with Three Day Millionaire and what a great job he has done on the story , but also director Jack Spring who also has crafted a gem of a movie .   So if you fancy a fun film, that will teach you a few things too, filled with a great cast, fun characters and something that isnt part of a shared universe or franchise. Then I do highly recommend Three Day Millionaire. 


Three Day Millionaire is out now on Digital

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