VIPCO & BayView Ent, release Skarecrow: A Curse Never Dies to DVD in USA 28th March 2023.

 1921 – It began in the backwoods of Tennessee, way up in a hollow…There lived an old woman who some say she had powers, the kind that could curse people. The James Brothers knew of her, these five brothers being of the worst kind, evil, vile, and reckless. They wanted the old woman’s cabin and land for their own. They needed a place private to make moonshine. The old woman knew the brothers were going to taker her possessions anyway they had to. So she prepared for them an evil to beget evil. A curse so powerful she laid upon the brothers and any of their kin. Hence the Skarecow became…and the vengence was delivered…

1981 – Now sixty years later the grandson of Willie James has returned to the cabin…and the curse is still very much ALIVE

Directed by Ben Dixon, and written by Amy Dixon and Ben Dixon.

Pre-Order Skarecrow: A Curse Never Dies on DVD on

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