B J Novak’s crime comedy ‘Vengeance’ arrives on Blu-ray and DVD January 16th 2023 ( @bjnovak )

Mediumrare Entertainment announces the black comedy mystery thriller VENGEANCE is being released on DVD and Blu-ray on 16 January 2023.

Unsolvable deaths, deep state conspiracy theories, exploding electric cars – welcome to the weird and wild world of VENGEANCE, the terrific directorial debut from B.J.Novak (better known for his role as Ryan in The Office: An American Workplace). Novak has lined up a fantastic cast to star alongside him, including The Sandman’s Boyd Holbrook, Ashton Kutcher (Jobs) in a scene-stealing part as a cowboy record producer, singing sensation Dove Cameron, and Issa Rae (Roar).

I knew virtually nothing about Vengeance other than its cast and the poster art and that’s fine by me. Always the way I like to see movies, going in cold. Vengeance is a great mix of quirky comedy moments, a murder mystery, and a cracker of an oddball character drama. I really enjoyed the film and whilst all the cast were fun to watch. the standouts performance has to go to BJ Novak as Ben Manalowitz. he tiptoes from likeable to not likeable (and im talking about Ben not BJ) and then back to likeable again and whilst initially you think he may be somewhat annoying, bu the end of the film you will come to love the guy and that’s all down to the writing and the performance.

Iif you love ‘fish-out-of-water’ films such as Oliver Stone’s U-Turn then youll love Vengeance. It will leave you craving more films featuring BJ Novak as Ben Manalowitz

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