The Twenty-Sided Tavern, where culture, meets live action D&D, meets tech. 3rd–28th August

Inspired by the gameplay of Dungeons and Dragons, this hilarious adventure is never the same tale twice as audience members control the story from the palm of their hands.

It’s time for adventure at The Twenty-Sided Tavern. Choose your heroes, battle monsters, and solve riddles to influence the narrative as it unfolds. This is a show that has had sell out kill-for-a-ticket shows in New York, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Putting a genuinely unique spin on experiential entertainment, The Twenty-Sided Tavern combines a dynamic story and real-time tech to create audience-led engagement like never before.

The paths the audience choose and the hilarious outcomes of their decisions allow each performance to be entirely unique. Gamiotics’ web-based design means audiences need only access a website on their phone via QR code on entering the venue. There are no apps to download and no space taken up on phones. During the show, audiences make choices on their screens, and these real-time decisions inform the actions of the actors onstage.

With so many branching paths and potential outcomes, audiences can create one of literally thousands of scenarios. Each show is different to the next. Audiences are guided by DAGL, Sarah Reynolds, Mateo Ervin, Travis Klemm, Madelyn Murphy, and Carlina Parker. The Twenty-Sided Tavern was created by David Andrew Laws, Sarah Davis Reynolds, and David Carpenter. The world is full of danger, and it’s up to our heroes to set things right. When called upon to defeat the monster that is inhabiting Coldfire Caverns, little is known about the beast other than its insatiable appetite.

As they explore the caverns, the audience-chosen party will uncover clues and unlock items to best prepare them for the climactic confrontation. But what deadly secrets lie in the depths of this ever-changing labyrinth? The cryptid will be created by the audience, and the only way to find out is to be there. This adventure is suitable for audiences eight and up and is destined to delight everyone from hardcore fans of D&D to those just dipping a toe into the world of role-playing games. At The Twenty-Sided Tavern, laughter flows like ale and the story is in the audiences’ control as they choose the characters, what paths they take, and how hilarious their hijinks will be. Are you ready to enter The Twenty-Sided Tavern? It’s your choice.


Pleasance Dome (King Dome) Venue 23

4:30pm / 16:30 3rd–28th August(not 15th August) 70 Minutes

0131 556 6550

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