Top Gun:Maverick hit me right in the ‘feels’ ( @tomcruise @paramountuk @topgunmovie )

For a film fan the ultimate experience with a film is watching it and being hit right in the emotions. Whether its a horror film that scares you, or a comedy that makes your ribs hurt with laughter, watching a film that hits you right in the emotions is a pure joy. Its not something that happens often and whilst I do like more films than I dislike. The amount of films that I do LOVE pop up from time to time but they are rare nowadays. But movies that I like are pretty often. 

For the past couple of years ive been waiting eagerly (and patiently) for Top Gun:Maverick, the often talked about sequel to the 1986 Tony Scott directed film. With the sad passing of Tony in 2012, I not only mourned the loss of one of my favourite film makers, but also realised that Top Gun 2 (as it was once perhaps to be known) would likely not happen, and if it did happen then how could it match up to the work Tony Scott would have gone.

However when i read that Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski was attached to the film, I was excited once again as im a huge fan of Oblivion and had faith that Joseph could deliver a film that would be worthy of being a sequel to Tony Scotts 80s classic. After several pandemic delays, May 2022 finally saw Top Gun: Maverick unveiled to the world and more importantly to me. Now question is, what did I think of the film?

To say I loved it, is perhaps once of the biggest understatements Ive made when it comes to film. I loved this beyond, the normal ‘ oh good film, I loved it’ This may sound a little gushy or sappy but I cant recall a film in decades that hit me right in the emotions from the very start, and I do mean the very start. From the opening notes from the famous Harold Faltermeyer score, I was IN! Hooked, Eager to see how long this nostalgial ignited giddiness would last. (for the record it lasted until the screen went back at the very end of the film) I remained in my cinema chair and experience, one of the best cinema viewings ive seen in years  Top Gun: Maverick got me. It was perfect blend of harking back to my youth, (as a film fan, not a naval aviator), modern cinematic thrills, a really interesting and engaging story filled with very well created characters performed by top notch actors and well, I could go through all the ingredients that make Top Gun:Maverick my favourite film of the year but id just end up listing absolutely everything. Great work by all.

I did mention recently to a friend that ‘you know that scene in Gladiator where Russell Crowe is on the ground and isnt coming back, the Hans Zimmer music kicks in and the line ‘who will help me carry him’ is spoken. That moment hits you right in the feels and you get that lump in your throat and your eyes start to well up.
Well Top Gun:Maverick gave me that feeling for the full duration of the film. It was one hell of an experience and I loved it. Will I get that on my second viewing, who knows, but what I do know is that listening to the soundtrack a few days after the films viewing, those emotions were still there. Pure bliss!
Ive always been a fan of Tom Cruise and have loved I think all of his movies (although i still find Vanilla Sky super strange) but seeing how Tom has worked so hard to preserve this film for the big screen, and worked so hard on not just this film, but also his other recent films, has just given me a new huge admiration for the guy (check out the clips he has gone with James Corden if you want to know more) Toms love of the filmmaking world is right up there and I know its likely never to happen, but he has jumped to the top of the list of people id love to just sit diown and geek out about with about movies with.

But for now until a genie grants me that wish, ill stick to watching the movies, and eagerly awaiting Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 when it arrives next year and rewatching Top Gun:Maverick again in the very near future.Yes I know this ‘review’ doesnt go into plot details, but those are for you to find out when you see the film. For now I just wanted to state how much the film blew me away and I cant recommend it enough for you to check out the big screen. It actually took me around an hour after the film finished, for me to be able to talk about the film, as i still have the lump in my throat and that croaky emotional tone when I tried to speak. Film experiences like this are rare and its certainly one I wont forget.

Easily my film of the year

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