Vinnie Jones is back in ‘The Bezonians’ a fun, hugely entertaining Greeks vs. geezers big, bad, bloody and brash Brit Gangster movie – on DVD and digital now.

Head over to the mean streets of North London where you’ll find The Bezonians, an exclusive social club for a bunch of wonderfully entertaining characters, who would do anything to protect their mates and their ‘family’  This brand new brash and ballsy, no holds barred gangster caper promised tongue in cheek violence, sharp wit, and a corking cast of Greek and cockney talent including Andreas Karras (Crooked HouseRighteous Villains) and none other than genre royalty Vinnie Jones (Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and it definitely delivered. I will admit that in the first minute or two I did wonder what sort of film I was about to watch. It feels very Guy Ritchie-ish  (which isnt a bad thing, but its a thing that can sometimes fail badly) The Bezonians didnt fail at all and was and is a fun entertaining film that does what it needs to and put smiles on your face and gives you a whole new bunch of memorable movie characters to keep in your mind.  Highly entertaining film!  It reminded me of some of my favourite fun Brit gangster films like Snatch and of course the mighty Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 

So, a little more about the film. Well we get to meet big boss man Plato (played by Andreas Karras), he’s a family man with old fashioned values and questionable beliefs who runs the Bezonians Social Club, where a bunch of great characters  – from Greek immigrants to a merry mix of lonely locals – have spent much of their lives. Gambling away their savings, drinking away their sorrows deep into the night while putting the world to rights – over the years they have become his second family.

When Plato makes the mistake of playing poker with scheming bombshell Lola (Lois Brabin-Platt) it’s not long before things go terribly wrong…  When Lola wins big, Plato is put in a tough bind, made all the worse when her sadistic boyfriend, Willard Greb (Vinnie Jones) gives him just 24-hours to come up the cash, putting everything and everyone he knows at risk.

When Plato’s life – and his beloved club – are threatened, only the suave Achilles (Savvas D. Michael), bruiser Costas (Peter Polycarpou), hard-headed Buster (Nicky B), wily Mike (Chris Tummings) and sweet Anthony (Jamie Crew) will stand by Plato as he faces intimidating threats from a psychopath. Can this mismatched group of down-and-outs come together and save their home away from home?

Written and directed by Savvas D. Michael (Red Rage, Original Gangster) this Brit flick is not for the faint hearted, or easily offended… Join The Bezonians they’ll always have your back.

On DVD and digital now.

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