From writer-director Sheikh Shahnawaz comes crime thriller BLUFF. Now available on Amazon Prime.

Indie Rights, in association with Catharsis Films, is proud to present BLUFF from writer-director Sheikh Shahnawaz in his feature directorial debut, starring Gurj Gill, Jason Adam, Nisaro Karim (24 Little Hours), James Jaysen Bryhan (Shadow and Bone) and Joe Egan (Sherlock Holmes) with music by Savfk. BLUFF is now available on Amazon Prime (from 28th April 2022. )
Detective Sergeant Daniel Miller is suspended from the London Metropolitan Police so that he can be secretly deployed to a small English town on an undercover assignment to uncover Britain’s major suppliers of heroin and crack cocaine. He poses as a heroin addict and manipulates an unsuspecting junkie into working with him so that he can infiltrate the local drug network and work his way up the supply chain. The line between duty and criminality begins to blur as Miller’s investigation becomes increasingly dangerous the closer he gets to finding the source of a drug trafficker.
The truth will get you killed…
BLUFF is directed by British-Bangladeshi screenwriter and producer Sheikh Shahnawaz. Skeikh has written and directed a host of short films, including Friend Request (2015), Stalker (2016), Duality (2018), The Woods (2018) and Trick (2018) to name but a few. BLUFF is the feature directorial debut by Sheikh Shahnawaz.

BLUFF is available in the US and Canada from 28th April on Amazon Prime

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