Definitely a 5 star film. Ross McCall’s uncompromising thriller A VIOLENT MAN starring FOOTSOLDIER’S Craig Fairbrass, BOILING POINT’S Jason Flemyng and BLUE STORY’S Stephen Odubola – On Netflix (UK) now ( @maccageezer )

A VIOLENT MAN is Ross McCall’s (White Collar, 24, Band of Brothers) directorial debut from his own script, and it stars Craig Fairbrass (Villain, Muscle, The Rise of the Footsoldier franchise), Stephen Odubola (Blue Story), Jason Flemyng (Boiling Point, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Zoe Tapper (Liar) and is now on the UK Netflix

The film sees Craig Fairbrass teaming up again with the the producers of the Philip Barantini directed Villain (which you can now see on Netflix) , and are the same producers being the fantastic, fantastic  BAFTA nominated film Boiling Point, starring Stephen Graham which you can watch on digital rental now on all major platforms.

A VIOLENT MAN stars Craig Fairbrass as a very troubled prison inmate Steve who is serving many years for a violent crime. A VIOLENT MAN isn’t your popcorn prison thriller though, this is a very gritty and hard hitting portrayal of what im sure are the harsh realities of prison life, and the film focuses on not just the actual reality of prison life, but also the psychological world and its use of ‘inner thought voiceover’ from Steve (played by Craig Fairbrass) in many places does take a moment to get used to, but  works like a charm.  A VIOLENT MAN isn’t for the squeamish either and in places does erupt into moments of ferocious violence which never seem gratuitous and whilst they do come out of nowhere (as they would in prison life) , in the film they are perfectly placed in the story and this world and add to the tension of the viewing experience.  

Definitely a 5 star film with great performances and with this being the directorial debut of Ross McCall, the benchmark is set nice and high for Ross’s next project. 

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