Jason Isaacs and Levi Miller star in ‘swimming movie par excellence’ dive in to ‘Streamline’ on digital 11 April

Dive into Streamline, an emotionally rich coming-of-age-film, and a supremely impressive directorial debut from Tyson Wade Johnston, who also penned the piece. This gritty and gripping feature is produced by Australian swimming legend Ian Thorpe and stars Hollywood favourite Brit actor Jason Isaacs (The Harry Potter Franchise, Mass) is now set to wow UK audiences with its digital release on 11 April from 101 Films.

15-year-old Benjamin Lane (Levi Miller – Pan, A Wrinkle in Time) is an introverted and gifted young swimmer, on the brink of qualifying for the Olympics. Pushed by his ruthless coach, Glen (Robert Morgan – Hacksaw Ridge) and his sacrificial mother, Kim (Laura Gordon – Undertow), it’s unclear if he actually wants the life he’s seemingly being forced to pursue.

When his enigmatic and estranged father (Jason Isaacs) is released from prison and tries to repair their damaged relationship, Benjamin struggles under the physical and psychological pressure and begins to self-destruct. Drawn into the debauched lifestyle of his two older brothers, Dave (Jake Ryan – The Great Gatsby, Home & Away), and Nick (Sam Parsonson – Hacksaw Ridge, Love My Way), Benjamin is pushed to the limits as he’s forced to grapple with deep-seated childhood trauma while navigating the toxic masculinity of the flawed, angry, and broken men around him. Can he escape his troubled past and choose the right lane for himself?

What ensues is a compelling, gritty, and immersive tale of young man struggling to define who he is in a male-orientated world of conflict, anguish, pressure, and competition.

Boasting beautiful cinematography as well as a masterful and moving performance from Levi MillerStreamline is a powerful and pertinent sports-drama like no other.

Emotionally gripping swimming film that breaks the sports movie mould… an Australian swimming movie par excellence’
The Guardian

‘An amazing piece of cinema… shows the industry how a sports film should be made’
★★★★ ½
Subculture entertainment

‘A masterful, razor-sharp filmmaking debut’
★★★★ ½

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