Chapeltown Picture House, Manchester’s Newest Indie Cinema Re-launches ( @CPHMCR )

Chapeltown Picture House is the home of cult cinema, video games, and cool nerdy events in Manchester! Situated within the award-winning venue GRUB, this little cinema does a lot.

Primarily they are a cinema doing their best to give a big screen to cult classics and genre masterpieces (rather than new releases) and through those screenings give a regular home for fans of those movies to come together. Events do go beyond that though! You will find documentaries, TV shows, gaming tournaments, sing-a-longs, festivals, Q&As, quizzes and the odd new-ish release.

In addition to their own eclectic pop culture programme, the team pride ourselves in building and welcoming in a diverse community of filmmakers, artists, event programmers, comedians, charities and more that prove why Manchester is one of the best cities in the world.

It is their goal to open doors to creative programmers with little to no commercial experience as much as possible, in this way they can support the grassroots of the cinema industry by giving passionate film fans a way to get their foot in the door. In the past few years’ programmers have been priced out of city centre venues, they want to provide a risk-free space for people to creatively flourish. This also ensures the cinema will have a fresh and diverse flow of programming ideas which will contribute to a unique overall offering. 

Although they frame their own programming as ‘cult cinema’ they are also very open to showing anything on their screens as long as they arent treading the same ground as other cinemas and the screenings bring people together for a positive and memorable communal experience!

The team believe it is the film community that delivers the magic of cinema rather than the film makers or the teams running the screenings. The team can show a great movie in a lovely cinema, but those magical experiences only happen when like-minded film lovers come together and buy in to what’s happening on the big screen; generating the atmosphere needed for a really special audience experience.

This little cinema has very big plans over the next few years, and they can’t wait to involve you in them! Whether it be as a regular attendee, as a collaborator or just as a fellow film nerd; see you on the big screen! –Matthew Chambers Cinema Manager

Give them a follow on Twitter here too for further updates

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