Writer/Director Philip Barantini turns up the heat in Stephen Graham starring BAFTA nominated film ‘Boiling Point’. a cinematic pressure cooker of a film. Now in cinemas and VOD rental

Ill watch any film or television show that features Stephen Graham. He is not only one of the most talented actors around who guarantees a great viewing experience in the projects he chooses, but the project choices he makes also guarantees that you will see something special Stephen Graham is one of those talents who I trust impeccably and if his names attached to something, then Ill watch it. The latest film to that list is the fantastic Boiling Point, directed by Philip Barantini, a near ninety minute film set in a single evening in a very busy English restaurant  Stephen Graham plays Andy Jones, the head chef, who arrives at work a little later than planned to find that the restaurant is going to be far busier than expected. Not only that, he finds that there is a health inspector there, giving the place a once over and if you think that this is as bad an evening as it gets for Andy. Think again.  Buckle Up!

When you read a little about Boiling Point, it seems very a very clever premise. Based on a 2019 short film (also called Boiling Point) the now feature film told in a single camera take, set in the same evening in a busy restaurant focussing on a very stressful night for the staff.   However watching Boiling Point, what you get is a fantastically clever film, a brilliant cast at the top of their game, and one of the most tense viewing experiences I’ve had for a long long time. From the opening moments I was hooked as we see Andy Jones head to work to find out that his organised evening shift wont be that organised and that the word ‘relaxing’ doesn’t have a use.

For those curious about the ‘one take’ aspect of Boiling Point. Yes it is actually shot in a single take, there are no hidden cuts and no technical wizardry that is used to play ‘hide the join’  I will admit that I was concerned that I might have spent my first viewing of the film watching to see if the one take style worked, and watching for sneaky ways in which the film was edited, but the story and natural performances of Boiling Point very quickly dragged me into the story and took me along for a super tense and edge of the seat ride for the near hour and a half  I am very much looking forward to a second viewing though, where I can watch through alternate eyes.

I cant give Boiling Point enough praise, for every aspect of its production, its performances by the super talented cast and the story which on one hand might seem simplistic, but it really isnt. I don’t say this often but this film is so damn smart in ever level, it blew my mind. I also don’t generally give star ratings, but for Boiling Point, I am making an exception. * * * * *  there you go, five out of five from me.

I sat for a while after the film had finished and wondered how I can sum up the film. For a while my initial review was going to be ‘wow! this film is amazing, watch it right NOW’  and whilst I still agree with those words, I also wanted to say a little bit more (as I have done)  So if you want to see a great film made by a very talented cast and crew and easily the best example ever of capturing stress on film. I highly, highly, highly recommend Boiling Point.

Boiling Point is now available on demand rental and in selected cinemas from Vertigo Releasing

Directed by Philip Barantini.

Written by Philip Barantini and James Cummings

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