Signature Entertainment bring us ‘Black Friday’ this February, A fun, riotous comedy horror reminder for those working in retail.

Coming to Digital from 11th of February comes Black Friday, a fun horrific reminder of just what a hellish time of year this is for those working in the retail trade, as Bruce Campbell and Devon Sawa find themselves confronted by hordes of demented bargain hunting shoppers possessed by alien parasites in Casey Tebo’s riotously funny splatter satire BLACK FRIDAY.  I had such a blast watching this film and it reminded me of some of those amazing creature feature films of the 80s and 90s and is definitely the fun film that I needed. It also nails so many of the nightmarish things that retail workers face when dealing with the general public I loved Black Friday, It was so much fun to watch and I bet it was so much fun to make. the effects are also a joy to watch and as far as I can tell, they were pretty much all practical effects (which i certainly prefer to CG) This film gets my thumbs up and ill be picking this up from Signature Entertainment.

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