Karl Francis launches vinyl pressing campaign for his new BETH.EP “What Now?” and would love your support

Karl Francis, one of my favourite musicians  (and a damn cool person too I might add) is current raising money to get his new BETH. EP ‘What Now?’ pressed to vinyl and would you love you to help spread the word and gather up some donations to his campaign on Indiegogo.

Karl has said “I’ve worked super hard on this EP and I’m so proud of what I’ve created – It’d be such a dream to be able to physically hold a copy of this in my hands. I’ve always wanted to have my work on record, but it’s so expensive to get them pressed that it’s something I’ve never been financially stable enough to do.
I truly believe that this EP is worth being pressed to vinyl and I really need your help to make it a reality.”

I can testify to the hard work that Karl has put in, not just with this EP but with all his other music over the past few years, Karl records also under the name ‘Fruitless Forest’ and some of his music will feature in my own film ‘Mimi’ (whenever that gets off the ground again) 

If you’d like to hear the BETHEP, you can stream it on all digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes etc) by searching “BETH. What Now?” 

Karl really does thank you all so much for your support and you can find his Indiegogo page right here

and just in case you aren’t familiar with Indiegogo, You’ll see some ‘perks’ that you can buy, but also if you want to thrown in less than the lowest perk amount, You can, whether you donate a $1 or $100, it all adds up and no amount of too little (although I’m sure Karl would prefer the $100’s but trust me, hes such a genuine decent guy, even $1 or £1 donations will make him smile. 

and just to make you smile. come on. Look at Karl’s face…! How can you not donate some money to this very talented guys campaign.

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