Eddie Murphy and Co return in Coming 2 America and deliver huge smiles to many

There was a time when Eddie Murphy was on top of his game. With such a great run from 48 Hours to Boomerang, and even suffering a few misteps along the way ( Life, Doctor Dolittle 2, Pluto Nash) Eddie still gave us fun films to watch even after those slight clunkers. Then with 2019s Dolomite is my Name, film fans who are old enough to remember the classic era of Eddie, got all nostalgic for the fun times, when Eddie was crude, funny and made us spit our drinks out. We longed to see that Eddie return to the screens and so with the news that a follow up to the John Landis directed Coming to America headed to Amazon Prime, film fans were both excited but also nervous Would this sequel (a) be any good (b) bring us the funny Eddie once again, and (c) actually be something we needed. So as the release date of March the 5th 2021 approached, Eddie fans geared up to see if the over 30 years gap from the first film to the second film was too late for people to laugh out loud. 

Having just finished watching Coming to America, only a few days ago (not having seen it for near twenty years) and now having just finished (a few minutes ago) watching Coming 2 America (this time directed by Craig Brewer (Dolomite is my Name, Hustle & Flow) I can say that for my own opinion, I loved Coming 2 America. The film is a great, fun, reuniting of many of the cast members from the first film, littered with tons of injokes, and a great host of new things to smile at all wrapped up in a really well made film that tips its loving hat to the first film, but also Im sure bringing in new fans who may not have seen the Landis film from 1988. I do think though that a revisit of the first film would be in order before jumping into this one or you may lost out on a large amount of the injokes or references to the first film, but hey thats just my recommendation. I know that had I not rewatched Coming to America recently, then many of the jokes would have been a little lost on me.

Whilst I have kept the plot and most of the story details away from my thoughts on the film (I even avoided the trailer before viewing the film this evening) I will say that the addition of Wesley Snipes to the cast is a great move and he reminds me of just how comedic this guy is, Not since White Men Cant Jump have I laughed at Snipes’s work and I hope that we do get to see more comedic roles from Wesley.   Its also great to see Leslie Jones within the cast, another great addition to what was an already wonderful cast of characters, and yes Eddie does take on more than one role, as he did in the first film, and also in other Murphy films such as The Nutty Professor.

So yes, I highly recommend Coming 2 America if you want a bucket of laughs and some nostalgia, and whilst many on the internet are doing their thing and over analysing a comedy film, and tearing it down, I say check it out for yourself if you have Amazon Prime. Make up your own mind and if you dont like it, then you dont like it, but if you do like it, youll have a big smile on your face by the time the end credits role and some fun outtakes are played on screen.  Coming to America 3 please! 

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