Experience the wonderful ’12 Hour Shift’

Mandy,an overworked nurse finances her drug habit by stealing and selling body organs to a local trafficker and when a simple steal n deliver of a kidney goes wrong, Mandy is in for an even tougher shift than normal in this wonderfully dark comedy horror from writer director Brea Grant. Filled with enough blood and body parts to entertain the gore hounds, and enough comedy to keep comedy fans chuckling for the films duration. 12 Hour Shift is a wonderful way to spend an evening. I love these types of films, watching a character (or characters) make bad decision after bad decision and seeing how on earth they will get out of it (if in fact they do get out of it)

Brea Grant has crafted such a fun storyline and filled with a great mix of characters in for the most, the limited location of a hospital, the film never, not even for a second, feels like its limited by that..  The cast are wonderful including a cool role for David Arquette as a handcuffed convict brought into the hospital by a somewhat amateur security guard and Julianne Dowler as the troublemaking Cathy..  But its Angela Bettis in the main role of Mandy that is the onscreen star of 12 Hour Shift as she struggles to keep herself going through this insane shift at her job. Stealing medication from patients seems to be the only way she can get through the half a day shift.  Please do check out 12 Hour Shift, You can thank me later for the recommendation


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