‘Josie & Jack’, the powerful directorial debut from Sarah Lancaster arrives on digital 22 March ( @SarahMLancaster )

The Society’s breakout star Olivia DeJonge is a sibling battling to escape her tyrannical father and forge her own place in the big city in Josie & Jack, the directorial debut from Hollywood actor Sarah Lancaster. 

This raw and powerful drama is based on Kelly Braffet’s acclaimed book of the same name. The tense plot follows brother and sister duo Josie (Olivia DeJonge – Stray Dolls, The Society) and Jack (Alex Neustaedter, Colony, American Woman) Raeburn, who are raised by their tough father (William Fichtner – 12 Strong, Prison Break), a physics professor at a local university. 

The two teens are isolated in a decrepit mansion in rural Pennsylvania, with only each other to depend on, but, following an argument with their father the two flee and try to make a life for themselves in New York. However, with Jack’s behaviour becoming increasingly temperamental, Josie must decide between her loyalty to her brother and breaking free. 

The film arrives on digital 22 March 2021 and I’m very excited to watch it when it arrives. Having been a fan of Sarahs work since Saved By The Bell (The New Class) in the 90s and of course her role in the hit series Chuck. Its going to be wonderful to see Sarah in the directing chair and with this powerful story to tell. Its a great pairing.

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