Must-See Love Story ‘ Motek’ comes to Itsashort on V-Day from Director Eva Lanska ( @Eva_Lanska )

What if one date could change your life?

That’s what “Motek,” a short series about love amid the pandemic, explores.  

“I created and made Motek during COVID-19,” said London-based Director and Screenwriter Eva Lanska. “The desire to love, to be loved, and to find true love are universal themes, and I believe the story will resonate with audiences worldwide.”

You can watch Motek when it debuts at on Sunday, February 14, 8 PM PST, 6 PM CST – Valentine’s Day.

“Motek,” titled after the Hebrew term of endearment ‘sweetheart’, centers on a music teacher named David (Max Katz), a London bohemian raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, and his student Evelyn (Ellinor Persdotter), a Swedish aristocrat newly relocated to the city. Both carry deeply-rooted secrets that threaten to tear their relationship asunder.

Lanska got the idea to create Motek after observing how the pandemic lockdowns impacted the lives of her acquaintances.

She wrote and directed the series, with help from Music Director Ed Watkins, Editor Rob Ward, Director of Photography Dan Parkes, and Casting Director Matthew Bailey.

Watch Motek on Sunday, February 14, at 8 PM PST, 6 PM CST. 

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