Deathcember now becomes part of my Festive cheer routine. See it at Grimmfest ( @grimmfest ( @DeathcemberFilm ) #filmtwitter

With the Halloween season a few weeks behind us now (and lots of horror fans not too happy about that fact) There are still some amazing treats of the scary kind in store for us this festive season and one of them is pure horrific yuletide joy  (with buckets of blood thrown in for good measure) Welcome to Deathcember, a near two and a half hour cinematic advent calendar made up of 24 short films that take us on a trip to the super dark side of the festive joys. Gathering a collection of some of the best international film directors Deathcember is destined to be a Christmas tradition in the likes of Krampus, Gremlins, and Home Alone. Its December, time to bring out Deathcember! 

To go through all the short films would not only take nearly as long as the film itself, but would also ruin some of the joy of discovering what the next short film will be (and if you haven’t cheated heading to IMDB and seeing who made the films (some of my favourite filmmakers in the horror genre have participated in Deathcember)   I loved seeing who the director was in each short film and that for me was one of the many pleasures of watching Deathcember. Needless to say there are films in here for fans of any of the horror sub genres. Comedy Horror, Slasher Horror, Gore Horror, Supernatural Horror, to name just a very small amount of styles in the film. There are moment that make you laugh out loud, and there are moments that make you reach for the pillow. Everythings covered! 

You can find all the purchase links here

For those in the UK, the wonderful Grimmfest team are hosting a virtual event in December 11th and 12th of December and part of their fantastic line up is Deathcember. The film premieres on December 12th and you can purchase tickets here

You can also find out about the other films on the Grimmfest Christmas Horror Nights line up here

My huge thanks and congratulations to all the filmmakers who helped make Deathcember a pleasure to watch, and install it as part of my future Christmas film viewing routine. Im hoping that when the film comes out on blu ray here in the UK that it has the option of watching each short on its own, so that I can indeed become a truly visual horror advent calendar.

Merry Christmas everyone, Happy Holidays, and Hope you all have a great Deathcember.

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