Tara Reid and Robert LaSardo join the cast of MAYDAY 2 ( @TaraReid )

The eagerly anticipated follow up to supernatural thriller Mayday has just announced both Tara Reid and Robert LaSardo have officially been added to the film’s growing roster.

Reid and Lasardo will be joining stars Michael Paré, Costas Mandylor, Louis Mandylor, Bai Ling and Bishop Stevens. The original film, released in 2019, also paired director Cerchi with star Paré and opened to both critical and financial success.

The sequel, which now teams Cerchi with producers Sholom “Scotty” Gelt and Olivier Coscas is currently seeking additional funds on Indiegogo.

Air Marshall Adam Anderson ( Michael Pare) is back on duty. While on a full flight from LA to Italy a strange smoke engulfs the plane and him and all the other passengers pass out. Once he wakes up, he notices that only him and 5 passengers ( Costas Mandylor, Robert LaSardo, Louis Mandylor, Bai Ling, Bishop Stevens) are on board. The rest vanish into thin air. He goes to the cockpit and discovers that it’s on autopilot and there is nobody in the pilot seats. Together with the other 5 passengers they will either collaborate or kill each other to find the truth and the key to their survival

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