Mr. Skin Celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving ( @mrskinceleb @mrman )

Celebrity nudity mega-sites Mr. Skin and Mr. Man are honoring the great country of Canada by highlighting its Top 10 most beloved nude stars – just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving! In the new articles, ‘Top 10 Nude Canadian Eh-Listers’ Mr. Skin and Mr. Man hype their favorite stars in various states of undress, ranked by total number of nude scenes, including #1 male Ryan Reynolds and the #1 undisputed Skin Queen of Canada, Newfoundland’s Shannon Tweed. “There are so many great talents in the entertainment industry that are from the Great White North, and we wanted to honor them as we approach Canadian Thanksgiving October 12th – as we give thanks for their skin-tastic nude scenes,” said a Mr. Skin representative.  The Mr. Skin/Mr. Man database reveals that Canada’s top nude performers include Rachel McAdams and Nathan Fillion (#10), Vanity and Taylor Kitsch (#7) Pamela Anderson and Donald Sutherland (#4) and Mia Kirschner and Jim Carrey (#2). Right now, Mr. Skin and Mr. Man are giving fans a special deal to unlock more than 20,000 actresses and 8,000 actors, with new HD scenes added every day – complete with specially-curated nude playlists –  for as low as $5.00 a month if they join now. 

Get the full lists at and  Visit and follow on Twitter @mrskinceleb, Instagram @mrskincelebs and Facebook @mrskincelebs, as well as and follow on Twitter @mrman.

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