‘3 ‘V’ legends to gather for an an online panel this September. @thesarahdouglas @janebadler #frankashmore1 @coolwatersprods

In this strange world of 2020 where actual physical events are for the most on hold, festivals and conventions have embraced technology even more  and have gone online. Along with events such as San Diego Comic Con, Frightfest, Grimmfest and many more, one of the best online conventions and festivals is Inhouse-Con which have been running some amazing online panels this year. including a wonderful Superman:The Movie panel earlier this year.

InHouse-Con is a virtual convention hosted by Coolwaters Productions LLC for fans to experience the stars of their favorite franchises virtually! President Derek Maki has assembled an all-star cast of legendary actors and creatives for interactive fun! and all from the comfort of your home and computer or smart device.

As well as attend the panel, you can also purchase autographs from the cast members themselves.

In September they have a fantastic ‘V’ panel coming up and this show was one of my favorites growing up and is still a show favourite of mine nowadays. From ‘V:The Mini Series, to V:The Final Battle, and then V:The Series the world of the visitors arriving on earth as our friends but turning out to not be so friendly after all. The shows features a huge ensemble cast and the show was huge, spinning off into books, and video games at a time when that was quire rare.

Now 3 of its great cast (and 3 of my favourite cast members) are gathering together to talk all things V.

Sarah Douglas who played Visitor ‘Pamela’ in ‘The Final Battle’, Jane Badler who played Visitor ‘Diana’ in all 3 ‘original series’ (Mini Series, The Final Battle, and The Series’ (and who also returned in the ‘rebooted’ V series in 2011, and Frank Ashmore who played Visitor Martin, (and also his Brother Philip) in the original 3 series also.  These 3 talented actors are ‘visiting’ the Inhouse-Con panel for what will be a very special and very rare reunion.

You can find ticket information here 

Now go…tell.your…friends……


Check out more up and coming events here https://coolwatersprods.com/index.php

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