Revisit the classic Backbeat at The Prince Charles Cinema followed by a Q&A by Director Iain Softley and Actor Ian Hart ( @ThePCCLondon @IainSoftley

In 1960, close friends Stuart Sutcliffe (Stephen Dorff) and John Lennon (Ian Hart), along with bandmates Paul McCartney (Gary Bakewell), George Harrison (Chris O’Neill), and Pete Best (Scot Williams), move to Hamburg, Germany, in search of success. Their tireless performing schedule and charismatic sound quickly put the Beatles on the road to stardom. But as Stuart falls in love with Astrid (Sheryl Lee), a local photographer, he realizes his commitment to the band isn’t as strong as he thought.

Now you can get the chance to revisit Backbeat on the big screen with a very special 35mm screening at The Prince Charles Theatre on March 9th with the films director Iain Softley and one of the films stars Ian Hart (Hard Boiled Sweets)  hosting a Q&A after the movie to talk about their experiences with the film. My own experience with Backbeat began when the film arrived on VHS in the mid 90s and I checked the film out having seen Sheryl Lee in the TV series Twin Peaks (as Laura Palmer) and was familiar with Stephen Dorff from the film The Power of One, I instantly fell in love with the film and the music of The Beatles (which of course I had heard previously but this film cemented that love for the classic band)

Over the years I have seen Backbeat on VHS, TV and DVD many times and its one of those films that if I am TV channel hopping, and Backbeat is on, I watch it to the end.  So for those who havent seen the film, and are able to get to London on March 9th, I highly recommend checking the film out on the big screen and its one of those times when I wished I lived in London (or wished that I wasnt working on March 9th) so that I could attend and listen to what im sure will be a hugely interesting Q&A by 2 amazing talents.

You can find out more information here including a great online interview with Iain Softley which you can read here

The Prince Charles Cinema 

7 Leicester Pl



Nearest Underground station is Leicester Square


020 7494 3654

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