hidden realms are explored in ‘Awakened Minds’ Created by Jennifer James (@jennjames22 )#supportindiefilm

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond what we see? Does our soul really wander when we dream or are different dimensions paralleling ours to the point we’re all living amongst each other, but blind to the extent at which they exist?

Awakened Minds explores the hidden realms in which we are yet to unlock. There is a special gland that everyone possesses but becomes calcified due to the stresses of everyday life, lack of quality nutrition, and ignoring our intuitions.  However, when we take time to explore ourselves as a being and tap into this ‘higher self’ there is a power waiting for us unlike no other. Once it is unleashed who knows what we may experience, or let alone become aware of. The story is not just about looking at what’s going on but seeing the truth that lies ahead.

A 16-year old girl, Annabelle, has lost her mother at the age of 12 to unexplained circumstances. All she holds left of her are the memories, transmitted to her like clairvoyant images, and the journals that her father gave to her on her recent birthday. One day paranormal activities begin to follow Annabelle and are only just the beginning to the strange events beginning to occur. Annabelle was given an identical necklace to her mother, Isabelle, the day before her disappearance and is key to the connection they both share. The story focuses on the case being reopened into the hands of her daughter, and their bond becomes stronger than ever in order for two minds to become the saviour for one.

 The series takes place over an 8 episode trilogy, and with the money we are raising we are looking to film the PILOT episode in full to a professional standard in hopes of bringing on larger production/distributors to greenlight the rest of the series. To help boost those much needed funds, you can head to their Kickstarter page here

Give them a follow on Twitter at https://twitter.com/tvawakened

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