‘This Is Depression’ taking bad things and creating art #supportindiefilm #movies Created by Denise ( @Justagirl2017x )

What is it like to hit rock bottom? Those who have hit rock bottom in life know the answer to that, and those that havent, might think they know the answer- but do they truly understand what its like to reach the bottom of the barrel, to have the belief that this is the end of the road,  Very deep and also disturbing question with im sure equally disturbing answers. However when some people hit what they feel is rock bottom, they take the despair and the negative and turn it right back on itself and create art. they create art not only to help themselves, but also in the hope that it will help others out of their own rock bottom. One of those talented souls is Denise Harrison who only a few short years ago hit her own rock bottom and thankfully and hopefully has come through the other side, and is in a better place than she was. She was one of those who turned the despair into art and has made a short film about this section of her life. With the short film (only running for just over 4 minutes ‘This is Depression’ is  a massively impactful  film that not only makes you wonder how Denise is doing nowadays, but also makes you look at other people that you might walk past during your day, wondering how they are feeling, are they happy, are they sad, are they broken. All very thought provoking which I would love to think is very high on the wish list of the makes of the film. The animation by Miguel Letang  and illustrations by Juli Dosad are a perfect pair for Denises voiceover and with the music by Kim Wilde (yes that Kim Wilde) and Ricky Wilde (yes that Ricky Wilde) this film has all the perfect ingredients to kick the viewer up the behind and make us think beyond what meal to eat that might, what film to watch at the cinema next week and what video game to begin to play next. It reminds us that we live in a world filled with people who have their own problems, and perhaps we can help them.

Such a beautiful and yet also heartbreaking film and if i ever do meet Denise, a hug is coming her way for not only taking an immensely personal story and sharing it with the world, but just because she deserves hugs from around the world. You can view the film here and then head over to Denise’s Twitter account here and just tell her something nice. Tell her thank you for making the film and sharing and helping.


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