The Tree by Writer/Director James Sharpe #supportindiefilm

Written and Directed by James Sharpe is a short film about an old man who has dementia and is given £150 by his carer to pay his council tax but instead finds himself drawn to an antique movie projector he spies in a charity shop, asking price £150. He buys the projector, takes it home and discovers a film left inside. He runs the film entitled THE TREE and becomes so engrossed that he falls in love with the woman in the film. He becomes obsessed with finding the actual tree used in the film thinking it will lead him to the love of his life, all against the advice of his family and friends. Before you think ive just told gone through the entire story of The Tree, think again. I havent. The Tree is a beautiful near half hour film that put a smile on my face once the end credits had rolled. I am always nervous about short films, can they tell a full story in such a short time, can I get to know multiple characters in the same running time as a single episode of a sit com. Well Yes and Yes is the answer when it comes to The Tree. Do check out the film as im sure (like me) youll find it a heart warming story featuring actors Hayley Marie Axe, Paul King,John Jesper,Darren Luckin, Emma Piech,Ronnie Price, Jan Rook, and James Sharpe,

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