Hell hath no fury like a woman with a pump-action shotgun ‘REVENGE’ on Shudder ( @shudder ) ( @shudder_uk ) #ShudderRecommendation

My journey through the world of Shudder continues with Revenge. Wealthy and handsome Richard takes his beautiful young mistress Jen to an isolated luxury condo in the desert, a few days ahead of his annual hunt. When his two hunting partners turn up unexpectedly, the booze starts flowing and things quickly become debauched.

Events run out of control, however, and the men realise they must get rid of Jen, or jeopardise their precious careers and reputations. They leave her for dead in a desert canyon, and callously carry on with their planned hunting trip. This film has it all. Its beautifully shot, with a simplistic storyline that takes you on what you think is a simple journey but along the way, it puts you through the meat grinder. The performances are top notch especially Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz in the role of Jen. She flips through the spectrum of behaviors of her character in leaps and bounds, going from victim to hunter in the running time of the film. Its super brutal in every perfect way and doesnt overstep its tone. Such a great film that whilst its tough to watch, I cant recommend this film enough.

Hell hath no fury like a woman with a pump-action shotgun


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