Unique, Enticing, and Curious. Enter the world of ‘Lonely Hearts’ by @SamMasonBell and Jessica Hunt #supportindiefilm and

Written and Directed by Jessica Hunt & Sam Mason-Bell

Lonely Hearts is such a strange, weird and wonderful film that does that strange thing that whilst quite a few films do and I always enjoy it when it happens. When watching the film Im not sure I am liking it, but by the time the end credits roll I know ive seen something super special that I really did enjoy. I will admit though that Lonely Hearts does have a few moments that make you go ‘ermm’ but as long as you go into this film expecting entertainment and not a documentary, then you will have fun watching it.

At the start of the film we are introduced to Donny (played by Martin Payne), Kirsty (played by Tyne Stewart), Freddie (played by Chris Mills), Claire, (played by Alice Mulholland), and Carol (played by Sue Dawes) who all seperately meet up with TV host Patricia (played by Sophie Atkinson) They are all there to take part in the reality TV show ‘Lonely Hearts; a low budget Big Brother type show with the prize of an Ultimate Holiday at the end of it. We venture into seeing how far people will go for a little bit of fame.

Now with this being a film about a reality show, we (the viewer) know it will end up either with sex or with violence, and by the end of the film you will know whether you were correct or not but lets just say that this isnt a film to watch with anyone under 18 years of age and certainly dont watch it with relatives It does have its visual moments thats for sure. Some of them are pretty exiting to watch but also some of them are exceptionally unforgettable to watch but they do drive the plot no matter how cringe worthy you might feel they are.

The film, whilst not filmed with a mega budget (filmed for a rumoured £4000) works really well as a low budget film because of the nature of the storyline and the filming style and the directors have done not only a wonderful job of directing and assembling a unique film, but also my hats off (not that I wear a hat) go to the casting of the film whose cast members dont seem to have any sense of holding back from the scenes they perform for us, the watching audience. I dont recall having seen any of the cast in other films as yet, but I do expect to see them in future films shining with their talent. Its a testament to their acting that straight off the from the beginning, I already really disliked the characters of Fred and Kirsty. Im sure that the actors playing them ( Chris and Tyne) are lovely people but their characters were …..annoying but still strangely watchable

So needless to say, if you want to watch something interesting, unique, fun, and entertaining. Then please do check out Lonely Hearts


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