Artist Vincent Kamp turns filmmaker to inspire his next series of crime noir paintings with @georgiafoote , @RealTamerHassan , and @leogregs ( @CFAGalleries )

Vincent Kamp, known for his striking portraits of people in a fused background of cinematic lighting, brooding sexual tension and impending drama, is creating a series of paintings inspired by a short film he has written, co-directed and produced. Heist thriller QUEEN OF DIAMONDS, is a collaboration between Vincent Kamp and filmmaker Naeem Mahmood (Brash Young Turks) and centres on an audacious plot to rob an international diamond trader. It stars Georgia May Foote (TVs Coronation Street) , Tamer Hussan (The Business) , Leo Gregory (Green Street) and Samuel Anderson (TVs Doctor Who) . Both the film and paintings will be on public display from Sept 12, 2019 at Clarendon Fine Art, Mayfair. The gallery then plans to host a national gallery tour.

Vincent commentated: I made this film to show how I visualise the story before I tell it with paint. My paintings have always been inspired by cinematographers and I felt it was time to take that creative influence to the next level”.


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