Nicole Kidman stars in Destroyer. Released by Lionsgate this May ( @lionsgateuk )

This May, prepare yourself for  for a very different role in the career of Nicole Kidman’s in the riveting and gritty new crime-thriller DESTROYER – from director Karyn Kusama (The Invitation, Girlfight).

The near unrecognizable Nicole Kidman stars as Erin Bell, a burned out hardened LAPD detective who has been worn down to the core by the strain of her law enforcement job and the aftermath of an undercover FBI sting that went horrible wrong..

But when her old nemesis resurfaces, Erin becomes hell bent on hunting him down to try and right the wrongs of her past. Haunted by guilt and loss, will Erin get her last shot at redemption – or is it too late for this troubled soul? That is the pitch for Destroyer but this in no way sums up what you will see. What you will see is one of, if not the best performances of Nicole’s career and thats no easy task with a career such as hers.

Destroyer was an unusual viewing for me. It was one of those films where the storyline feels like its been done before, many times (LA cop investigating a case, whilst going through personal problems with her colleagues and family and isnt a fan of authority) and perhaps that story has been done in films but with Destroyer it mixes this up a lot to its benefit with a non linear way of storytelling. With a mix of flashbacks and modern setting, the film can be a little confusing at times but by the end of it you realise just how clever this film is and in a world of franchises, shared universes, reboots and sequels, films like Destroyer are why I love the movies. Its always great to get something a little different, something ‘raw’ and something that has clearly been made not only in the hope that it makes a nice sum at the box office, but more because you can tell the people behind the film really believe in the project and want to share it with the masses.

Whilst I think the film is great, it did on occasion that I was enjoying the film more for the performance of Nicole Kidman, than I was for the film itself, i the same way I enjoyed watching the TV show Bosch, more for the performance of Titus Welliver, than the storylines he was involved in. Destroyer is a bit like that, however thats fine. We have all seen films where a single performance is so damn good, that it outshines the plot. Its not necessarily a bad thing. Its just a thing. and thats because Nicole’s performance is amazing and half the time you forget that you are watching the same actress from Moulin Rouge, Dead Calm, Days of Thunder etc etc  As id mentioned, she is unrecognizable (as you can see from the picture above), but that isnt just a visual thing. its a performance thing too and to date I have never seen her take on a role like this and more power to her for doing so. Great work. by her, and also top notch direction from Karyn Kusama (Girlfight, Jennifer Body) as well as the supporting cast which features the likes of Toby Kebbell, Bradley Whitford, Sebastian Stan,Scoot McNairy, and Tatiana Maslany, .

DESTROYER is the must-buy, edge-of-your-seat cop thriller on Digital Download, DVD & Blu-Ray™ this May.



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