An exclusive interview with 2050 Producer DAVID VAUGHN. @2050Movie @realdeancain

How did 2050 come about, David?

We were looking for something interesting to make a movie about in the Sci-fi or fantasy genre and our director came across an interview about A.I. as it relates to humans and sexuality. We tossed around ideas for a while, and this story is what evolved.

How did the project come together?

The pre-production process took several months as far as the story is concerned. Brian Ackley writes really quickly, so our turnaround time on drafts was pretty fast. Casting was the most laborious part, mostly because we did it by tribunal, haha. We would send out all the tapes to our team and then vote. Then we would get to argue our case for our favorites and try to convince everyone. The financial logistics were handled by Princeton and our investors, and eventually Hewes Pictures stepped in to help us finish the movie. And of course we had our pitfalls and setbacks. Princeton’s son was born during production, and we had to postpone shooting for months.
We ran out of money twice. We had to fire actors and recast. And the search for a name actor took a while. All said and done it took us about 3 years to get in the can. Even early on, did you have actors in mind for some of the characters? We had a few actors in mind, but that was mostly due to the fact that they are part of our team. Several of the actors have been working with us for years, so naturally we wrote roles for them.

Can you talk about getting Dean Cain involved?

Sure. Dean was one of those happy surprises. We had a list of potential actors to play the role which was fit for a male or female, and had several people interested. Dean was on the list, but we really didn’t have a way to contact him directly until Princeton met one of Dean’s producing partners. We were finally able to get the script in front of him, and he loved it. So we met up with him in LA at AFM and discussed the movie and our strategy. He was onboard from then on.

Of the supporting cast, if anyone ‘breaks out’ after this movie who do you think it’ll be?

I think if anyone “breaks out” after this it will be Stefanie Bloom. She has the type of personality that everyone is drawn to and is able to place herself in the media and hold the spotlight like a true professional.

Was it always intended you too would appear in the movie?

Yes. One of the great things about making movies with a team is that we create things that will benefit all of us in our specific fields. If you look at the movies we’ve made you’ll see the same names over and over. One of the things I love about this process is that you get to chose your film family and then create for each other, not because you’re being told to by a big studio, but because you’re genuinely interested in the story you’re telling and the people you’re working with.

Any advice for those looking to make a movie – should they just ‘go out and do it’ or do you advise they get educated first?

Knowing the basics will always expedite the process, but experience is the best teacher. So I say  GO DO IT!! Life is short, so start creating now.

When and where can we see the movie?

We were just extended in LA at AMC Atlantic Times Square Theater. until March 14.
Nashville at AMC Thoroughbred 20 from March 29-April 4.
Baltimore at AMC Owings Mills March 15-21.
Houston at AMC Studio 30 April 12-18.
For complete up-to-date listings visit the website at or go to the AMC website and request it to come to your city!

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