Retailer Amazon Deem Bigfoot Horror Comedy Cherokee Creek Too Offensive to Sell On their platform. ( @cherokee_creek1 )

Filmmaker Todd Jenkins;s horror comedy Cherokee Creek is stirring up quite a storm. The film was building up steam, the pre-orders were piling up and now is seems that one of the biggest retailers on the planet Amazon have deemed the film  too harsh for their platform. You can get the film on Itunes with no issue but from Christmas Day the film didnt appear to be on Amazon. It did take a few to get an answer from Amazon through Jenkins’ distributor. Todd Jenkins says the distribution company told him that Amazon chose not to sell Cherokee Creek on its website because “they said the movie is offensive for them.”

Of course Todd was upset, Amazon is one of the biggest retailers around and has always been a supporter of indie projects and with them not stocking the film, this meant some serious damage to the films financial future.

Jenkins says he was upset. Not being able to sell his movie on the world’s biggest online retailer gave him some serious reasons for concern about his film’s sales.

I shall be monitoring this situation and hope that Amazon realise they are missing out on a great film and also depriving film fans of a treat!



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