Take a glimpse into the world of Alice & Tris in ‘Saudade’, a new film by Kemal Yildirim ( @kemalyildirim ) #supportindiefilm


In Saudade, a 21 minute  film by Kemal Yildirim, we experience a glimpse into the world of Alice & Tris, who are most definitely in a powerfully passionate, but some might think toxic relationship with each other. Through flashbacks we see what can only be described as aggressively passionate love scenes featuring the two main characters and then flash forward to a solo Alice (brilliantly played by Holly Rose Durham) as she thinks back to the times with Tris (played, although brilliantly by writer/director/actor Kemal Yildirim).

As all of Kema’ls films have been, the visuals are glorious and the cinematoprgraphy is stunning, and it tip toes the fine line of ‘art film’ perfectly without falling over the edge. For the first few minutes of this 21 minute film, there is no dialogue, but we don’t need it. From the body language, and sound effects we can see that Alice is being emotionally torn apart, either through grief, guilt or anger. As to how the story plays out in this short film, well you’ll just have to check out Saudade when you can, but I for one, cant shake the characters out of my head and once again Kemal proves that he can hold a great performance on screen with a look, a glance, and the talent of his body language without the need for pages of dialogue for the characters he portrays.. Great work by all


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