IFTA Nomintated ‘Maze’ gets ready to break out in January 2018 from Lionsgate ( @lionsgateUK ) #movies



Based on the true story of the 1983 mass breakout of 38 Irish Republican Army (IRA) prisoners from the Maze high-security prison in Northern Ireland.  This powerful drama will blow your socks off. As Larry Marley (played by Tom Vaughan-Lawlor), the chief architect of the escape, schemes his way towards pulling off this feat, he comes into contact with prison warder, Gordon Close (played by Barry Ward). Initially Larry and Gordon are confirmed enemies, born on opposite sides of Northern Ireland’s chaotic political divide, but when Larry realises that Gordon may be unwittingly useful for his own escape plan, then a slow manipulative game begins. Larry intends to use and manipulate Gordon in order to get closer to his goal but what follows is a tense, and intriguing drama in which an unlikely relationship is forged between two enemies that will have far reaching consequences for both of them.  Maze is pure quality and whilst its hardly what I would call a fun romp that fits perfectly with a popcorn and drinks sort of film viewing, this is true drama at its top of the game, with a top notch cast portraying a story that will fascinate those who weren’t or arent aware of this part of history and educate at the same time and with filming taking placed in an actual prison (Cork Prison) this also gives a great sense of reality to the project.

Nominated for Four IFTA awards (Actor In A Leading Role (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor), Actor In A Supporting Role (Barry Ward), Best Script Writer for Film (Stephen Burke), and Best Original Score (by Stephen Rennicks) this film deserves all the attention it can get and is not only a powerful film to watch, but also one everyone should watch if they are a fan of quality movies. If you are a fan of films such as Starred Up, Hunger, Midnight Express then do check out Maze.

MAZE is available on Digital Download from 15TH January and DVD on 22nd January

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